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Nikki Rae

Nikki Rae is the owner and the head editor of Metamorphosis. She has been  writing and editing for over ten years, has a Bachelor's in Literature and Creative Writing, and  experience in work-shopping and revising all sorts of writing from poems and essays to full-length novels.
She is also an independent Amazon Bestselling Author. Nikki learned a lot through publishing independently, one of them being that you need a good editor and a good editor that you trust with your work. She knows how daunting the task of finding an editor is for even the most experienced of us, and she decided a while ago that she wanted to make the process easier for fellow writers. 
Although Nikki Rae loves writing more than anything, many people are shocked to discover that revision is her  favorite part of the process. She loves being the first to read something new, give her input, and try to make it even better than it already is.

Specialties: Tiny details, characterization, dialog, and making characters seem real. Formatting and cover design area also things she enjoys.

Favorite Genres: Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror, Contemporary, Erotica, Science Fiction, Poetry...really, she'll try anything once!


Amanda Krenicki

Amanda has been writing and reading since she can remember. She couldn't imagine doing anything else with her life, honestly. Amanda has a BA in Literature and has wanted to become an editor for quite some time--she realized that she wanted to make her living from reading! Amanda loves the experience of reading new things and being able to put her hard work into them to make them better. There's something special about knowing that she is a part of the process that helped bring a book, whether prose or poetry, to life!

Specialties: grammar, spelling, sentence structure.

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, and all types of fiction.

Sara Marie

Sara, a Psychology major, has been writing since she learned how in kindergarten. While other 20-somethings are out at the bars, she is home on Friday nights with and book and a cup of tea. She has written 5 novels with one published on Amazon. Sara also loves editing and helping other talented authors perfect their works of art, going as far back as asking Nikki Rae to edit her novel Sunshine in its earliest forms. Sara is here to patiently guide you and fine-tune your book to the best it can be.

Specialties: grammar and phrasing.

Favorite Genres: Contemporary, Dystopian, New Adult, and Mystery.