Metamorphosis Editing Service

Transform Your Writing

How to get started


So you have a finished project. First of all, congratulations! Now it's our turn to take a look. 

Start out by editing your manuscript to the best of your ability (this will make it easier to focus on the important things once it gets to us. Once you have emailed us and you have a quote, send along a copy of your manuscript in any Word format.

We will send you an invoice for for the first half of payment (or some other amount if it is discussed). *We will not start your manuscript until this initial payment is paid.

How We Edit:

In general, we use Track Changes and the Comment Tool while we go through your piece. If we think something needs a little help, we make suggestions, and if we really like something, trust me, we won't be able to shut up about it.
If we want to change anything major, we always ask first.We know how important your work is to you and we would never take out or add anything without your permission. We also always offer to give you a sample edit of the first few pages of your piece free of charge.

It is vitally important to us that writers look forward to the editing process as much as they look forward to writing a new project. This should be fun and we try our best to make it that way!


*Microsoft Word is used to edit manuscripts. If you use a different program, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Once you think you are ready to contact us, email us with the word count and we will send you a quote!


We DO NOT fix everything for you. Editing is only one step in the revision process. It is up to the author to take our suggestions and revise the manuscript themselves (hence why we use track changes). We are always around for a helping hand, to answer any questions, or as brainstorming buddies, but we will not write your manuscript for you. You have a story to tell and only your voice will do!